Rediscovering Wonderland

Their written accounts of the big "discovery" of Wonderland were the basis for the park's founding in 1872.This book brings together the words of these men and provides historical context for the exploration and for the founding of America ...

Rediscovering Wonderland

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Rediscovering Wonderland
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Authors: M. Mark Miller
Type: BOOK - Published: 2022-02 - Publisher: TwoDot

In the Nineteenth Century people could gain fame and fortune by "discovering" and documenting things that were already known to exist like the source of the Nile and the North Pole. For decades trappers and prospectors had told about the wonders of the area that became Yellowstone Park, but no
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Reconsidering the Moveable Frame in Psychoanalysis explores the idea of ‘the frame’ at a time when this concept is undergoing both systematic revival and widespread transformation. It has always been tempting to see the frame as a relatively static, finite and definable feature of psychoanalytic work. At its most basic,
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Li shows readers-- from the grassroots-- a country full of energy, irony, and paradox.
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An interdisciplinary study of the State Home and School for Dependent and Neglected Children, Rhode Island's state custodial institution for children from 1885 to 1979.